XLT RG6 Ultra Coaxial Cable – 300 White

AED 158.00

  • This XLT 300 Meter RG6 Ultra cable can be used to connect coaxial equipped devices like TVs, antennas, cable modems
  • Features a solid core conductor and maximum shielding to protect against interference
  • This 300 Meter cable is made with 75 Ohms impedance with braiding coverage is 99%
  • This cable is flame-retardant making it ideal for long term in-wall installations like video surveillance.
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Easily connect your home entertainment system with the 300 meter XLT RG6 Ultra  Coaxial Cable.It is for use on TVs, HDTV’s, cable or antenna boxes, satellite, and DVRs. The quality coaxial cable provides a clear audio and video connection.

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XLT RG6 Ultra Coaxial Cable – 300 White
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